OG Warzone Tournaments

Signing up for a tournament through OGW obligates your participation - refunds will not be issued.
"OG Warzone Tournaments" MUST be in your stream title
Any and all decisions made by admin are final
AFK Kills are NOT allowed
All platforms are allowed (PS, Xbox, PC); console players must enable cross-play
Payouts are made after the conclusion and extensive review of a tournaments
Any free entries or winnings earned are valid for claim for 30 days after awarded
All prizes must be claimed withtin 30 days of published results
All PC players must stream a SEPERATE VOD of any tournament and scroll through task manager BEFORE launching warzone
Any game crash/host switch/pc reset warrants another task scroll BEFORE opening Warzone
If a team is all on console, only the host is required to stream
VOD's must be stored for longer than 72 hours/please "publish" your VOD's
Accounts must have 500 kills or more (in Warzone Combat Record) to participate
Ping/latency must be visible
Authorized streaming platforms are: Kick, Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook
The voice of the streamer AND ALL teammates must be heard during gameplay
CHEATING results in permanent suspension from any OGW events
Sharing accounts to other players is NOT allowed
The use of smurfs or alt accounts will result in disqualification
Any accounts manipulation that gives an unfair advaantage in tournament play will result in disqualification
OGW reserves the right to monitor ANY player we see fit during or after the tournament
Please report all suspect activity to OGW Admins
OG Warzone Tournaments reserves the right to use, publish, or share, any and all VOD's of a registered OGW player who participates in an event.
Score Multipliers:
1st Place = (Kills)x2.5
2-5th Place = (Kills)x1.75
6th-10th Place = (Kills)x1.25
1 Kill = 1 Point
Total Score = (3 Best Games w/ Multiplier)
You have 3 hours to get your 3 best games to submit.
For example, if you checked in for 12pm, you must be in the plane loading in at 2:59 for that last game to count.
*scoring format is subject to change at any time
After your timeslot, you are required to report your team kills and placement with timestamps in the hosts VOD for review
You have 24 hours to report scores; no exceptions. Please contact an Admin with any issues
The same team may participate more than once, but the name must be submitted with a slight change, for recognition purposes
All countries are authorized to play
VPN's ARE allowed

2v2 Rules

Sabotage / Griefing

Sabotage is an action that can impact your opponents gameplay for the worse; a forfeit can only be issued if it directly effects the outcome of the match

When in your opponent's vehicle, you are agreeing to any actions taken by the driver of the vehicle.
This includes, but is not limited to, flying out of the safe zone, flying into a building, and jumping out of the vehicle.
Do not excessively ping for no reason in order to keep your opponent from hearing things.
In order for sabotage to occur, you must have had a chance to win mathematically.
Shooting for no reason on your opponents location.
Shooting your opponents balloon or zipline (must actively be using the zip to be considered sabotage if it gets destroyed)
There are many more forms of sabotage, we cannot list them all. We suggest to stay far away from your opponents to avoid issues.
Restricted Items
Gulag Kit
Redeploy Kit
Reinforcement Flare
The Heavy Helicopter
If you pick up a restricted item on accident, you must either lose your gulag and/or down yourself upon respawning.
Killing AFKs
Waiting until the end of the plane line to kill the AFK players is not allowed. If you believe your opponent is doing this, it is your responsibility to provide proof.
It is at the discretion of the admin on if a replay or forfeit would be issues due to this.

In Game Events

Once all members of your team are fully dead, meaning they do not have gulag anymore, that is their final score for the game.
We suggest getting proof of the score once your opponents are dead in case a jailbreak occurs.
If both members of your team are dead and a jailbreak occurs, you will be required to immediately down yourself by hitting the ground from the respawn.
(Note: floating with your parachute is strictly prohibited)
If you attempt to get kills after a jailbreak when your team is fully dead, you will risk forfeiting.
Go Again
You are not allowed to use more than one gulag per match.
In the event of a Go Again Event, you must intentionally die.
In the event you do get a kill, you must immediately down yourself by hitting the ground from the respawn and your kill will not count.